Accelerating the transition to sustainable thermal energy systems

Connect is a different kind of utility company with one simple goal:
to improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of Canada’s thermal energy systems one building at a time.

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Supporting a complex and challenging energy transition

The building industry is in the midst of a complex energy transition, driven by evolving public policies and market demands. While sustainable thermal energy systems often have the lowest total lifetime cost and emissions, they generally have significantly higher upfront costs compared to the industry’s “business as usual” options. Additionally, sustainable thermal energy systems are significantly more complex to operate and maintain, which can lead to lower than expected real world performance and higher than expected costs for owners. Learn how Connect’s win/win/win approach to “utilitization” provides solutions for real estate developers and building owners.

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Win/win/win thermal energy system “utilitization” solutions

Connect’s “utilitization” approach aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable thermal energy systems by:

  • Reducing financial disincentives currently faced by developers and owners
  • Removing complexity and risk through long-term operation, maintenance, and system optimization

Our win/win/win philosophy is embodied in our approach to business and in our agreements and performance guarantees.

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Proudly working with leading developers and building owners

Connect’s deep expertise helps clients optimize their energy and utility services.

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Together, we can innovate to build sustainable futures

Public policies are driving the building sector towards increasing energy efficiency and net zero carbon ready thermal energy systems. Connect embraces the prudent adoption of technological innovation and backs its commitment with long-term energy services supply agreements, including performance guarantees.

Whether you’re seeking new ideas on how to make your thermal energy system (TES) design more efficient, or simply looking to reduce net investment on your preferred TES design, we’re here to help at any stage along the way.

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Performance Monitoring


Support & Maintenance

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In addition to thermal energy system (TES) acquisition and management, we are able to advise on a number of topics, including:

  • Strategy and Finance
  • Design and Implementation
  • DEU Integration
  • Metering
  • Hardware Sourcing and Technical Insights
  • Energy Pricing and Revenue Management
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Optimization

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Unlock new potential capital

Need to offset costs or increase your cash flow? Connect can help by purchasing and taking on the ownership and maintenance responsibilities of your building’s thermal energy system.

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TES Acquisitions

We are always interested in acquiring suitable thermal energy systems.

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